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Mission 14: The Last Stand Preview - Minus Boss
- 'Missile Train' and Defence Platforms 11.30
- Heavy Bomber and Attack Cruiser (Blue) 12.15

Special Weapons
- Dai-X: Buster Cannon 10.04
- X-Bomber Special Weapons 12.31 and Dai-X: 01.31 Boosters
- Improved Dai-X DRAGOON Pack logic 09.23

- Consolidation of allied craft, enemy bullets, target markers 08.20 escape pods, laser sights 09.20
- Sound system reworked 11.25
- Improved enemies and allies, including Unified Alliance Astrofighter 10.13 and new AI
- X-Bomber Rear Lasers fire automatically when enemy detected behind ship 01.23
- Some Missions updated to work with new engine changes; especially Mission 00 10.04
- Airstrike system streamlined and integrated into engine 08.20
- Player mission and config data stored in unified database 08.20

- Smoke and radiation clouds improved with Photoshop, alpha channel+blend and randomisation 12.31
- Improved explosion debris 12.29
- New explosion animations and variable transparency 01.23
- GunBoy animations upgraded. 08.20
- Shockwaves added to large explosions, Special Weapon Powerup upgraded 09.20
- WingBlade Lightning sprites upgraded 09.23

HUD / User Interface:
- Notification object handles all "Game Paused", "Game Over" overlay messages
- Special Weapon Indicator and Ammo Counter colour-coded to Weapon 09.20
- User interface improvements, including menus and in-game notifications 08.20

Extensively 3rd-party tested under Win 7 x64

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