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Mission 11: Icy Reception 12.04 including ...
- 2-phase (arctic and underwater) scrolling planetary environment
- Dynamically-generated ice canyon 09.05
- New enemies including Snow Crawler, GoalKeeper AstroFighter and HoverFly 09.08
- New underwater enemies and Death-X - Deep-submergence Type Boss 10.25

- Improved graphics and logic for explosions and smoke trails
- Vapour trails improved with Photoshop, alpha-channel, fading and randomisation 12.05
- Dual-layer, scrolling space backdrops and denser, randomising starfield 12.21
- New backgrounds and upgraded Mission 03 environment 12.04

- Camera Shake
- Player and Ally collision code and Player collision masks unified
- New, more realistic Player shield logic
- New Dai-X Fighter AI movement uses fewer objects 12.03
- Background scrolling logic improved
- Background textures stored externally to reduce executable filesize 10.08
- Clickteam's Hardware Acceleration (Final)
- Mission 10 performance optimised 09.05

User Interface
- Improved Menu System with 2 performance/effects options
- Game prompts to save High Score on exit.

- New set of weapons for X-Bomber (features all weapons shown in Star Fleet)

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