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Mission 03: Simetra VI
- DeathBall and Attack Carrier enemies 10.24
- Rain, clouds, variable fog and lighting, scrolling terrain 12.08

New Modular Engine with several fixes 02.24

Collision Detection
- Hit-point system for Fighters and Dai-X
- Collision detection for individual bullets 12.08
- Collision logic comprehensively revised 11.21

- Dai-X Fighter weapons simplified
- Dai-X shield upgraded 11.21 and operable simultaneously with weapons 10.24
- Many weapons upgraded and balanced.
- Power-up functions revised

- Smoother beam collisions
- New shield sprites etc.
- HUD updated

- Options and User Interface updated 12.08
- Fixed issues with Dai-X System and HUD, relating to display resolution change 09.20-29
- Sound improved 03.10
- Documentation updated 10.24

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