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Mission 00: Training and Mission 02: Asteroid Field including:
- Crawler Tank Boss 02.13
- New Space Pirate and Alliance ships with new features and weapons
- New hazards
- Simetra Defence Directorate Airstrike 01.10

Special Weapons
- Plasma Cannons (X-Bomber)
- Homing Lasers (Dai-X) 01.10

- Moving full-screen backgrounds and HUD hazard indicators for training mission 06.01
- Dai-X shield animated02.02

- Fix for option- and mission-saving 02.13
- All reported issues from v0.2 fixed 01.10
- Variable-handling issues fixed 01.30
- Sound issues fixed, including mixing issue relating to in-game menu 01.30
- Start-up audio plays only when MIDI enabled in Options.02.02
- Airstrike indicator locks to HUD position.

- Balancing 01.30
- Revisions to Dai-X Fighter Upgrade Weapon, Mega-Bomb and Hyper-jump systems 02.02

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