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v0.2 Beta

- Airstrike - Press A to activate. 01.08
- Hyperjump feature for Dai-X Fighters 01.18

Augmentative X-Impulse
- 3 X-Impulse Power-Ups combine into more powerful X-Impulse Blasts.
- 10x Power-Ups combine into Super X-Impulse blast.
- Press X to fire.01.05

- Fully-customisable controls
- Player data stored in one database, rather than separate .INI files
- Improvements to ship mouse control, engine and audio 04.13
- Engine optimisation

User Interface
- In-Game Menu v2 01.18
- Start-up self-test and Menu upgrades 02.01
- Opening Cutscene 01.30
- Options Menu redesigned 01.30

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