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Thunder in Paradise


Thunder in Paradise is like Knight Rider but with a boat. It's light-hearted and awesome and has brilliant music.
It stars Hulk Hogan as Randolph J. "Hurricane" Spencer and Chris Lemmon as Martin "Bru" Brubaker.
The real star of the show however, is the boat itself.


6-barrel rotary cannon
- Probably an M134, turret mounted, usually housed in the port weapons compartment.
- It is used for shooting down incoming missiles, destroying smaller vessels and firing warning shots.
- The weapon has a supply of 2,750 rounds, has automatic stabilisation and individual temperature monitoring for each barrel.

6-tube missile launcher
- Fires a range of guided missiles including Maverick, M-426 and non-lethal types
- Normally stored in starboard compartment
- Reloads automatically, allowing it to fire far more than 6 missiles in rapid succession

Laser Prism
- The laser weapon is used to disable, destroy or deter smaller vessels as well as aerial targets such as helicopters.

Torpedo Launchers
Although never used in an episode, shots of Thunder's weapons control GUI show that the boat has 4 torpedo launchers.


Scarab Shell
Even with the scarab shell retracted, the boat can withstand prolonged exposure to small arms and mounted weapons fire, up to and including .50 calibre.
The scarab shell extends over the back of the boat, increasing the boat's protection even further.
It is also referred to as the stealth shell since its deployment renders the boat undetectable by radar.

Stealth Mode
- a blue glow sweeps over the hull from bow to stern when either ECM or adaptive camouflage are activated.

The hull also can be electrified to prevent enemies from boarding. This feature can either be triggered by the onboard computer when intruders are detected onboard or it can be activated manually by remote.

The hydra-thrust booster engine extends from the underside of the boat, allowing it to travel at over 400mph. The booster also allows the boat to jump at least several metres out of the water (Distant Sound of Thunder).

Oil Slick Dispenser
- the oil can be ignited to deter pursuers (Deadly Lessons, Part 1).

Shield Bubble
In the last episode, Thunder projects a geometric shield bubble that is capable of withstanding several missile hits but is progressively weakened by the impacts. If the shield is weakened on one side of the boat it can be recovered by keeping that side out of harm's way.

Also used in the last episode; the Q-Bomb appears to be an EMP-like weapon that projects a yellow shockwave that radiates out from the boat. It is not apparent whether it is a single-use weapon but one discharge destroys a large number of incoming missiles simultaneously.

Submersible Mode
In "Blast Off", Bru reveals that he is working on making Thunder able to operate underwater.

Support Craft

Thunder carries at least one Waverider jetski that is launched from the back of the boat.
The Waverider can be remotely piloted via Thunder's onboard computer by assigning it map coordinates.

Thunder also carries the GATOR drone that is lifted up on-deck through the starboard weapons hatch and deployed onto land. GATOR is a buggy that can be steered remotely by use of an onboard camera. It is equipped with a grenade launcher that can fire several stun grenades without needing resupply.


Weapons Locker
- Slides open to reveal an assortment of small arms
- The upper compartment contains submachineguns and handguns. The lower compartment contains larger weapons such as the M16 used in "Nature Of The Beast".

Dive chamber
- Doubles as brig


The prototype version of Thunder that features in the pilot double-episode has a number of differences (as well as problems).

Visually, it is missing the cool 'spoiler/rollbar' when the scarab shell is retracted and boat looks overall less streamlined and futuristic.
The missile launcher and gatling gun look different when deployed, with the missile launcher being longer while the minigun has an enclosure around it.
The boat has a small radar dish that lifts up to receive satellite telemetry. This antenna is presumably internal in the finished version.


You can find the three compilation movies on DVD, while the whole 22-episode series was released on DVD in German.
The German DVDs are transfers from a VHS source.

The whole series is unofficially available in English on DVD, recorded from its original TV airing in 1994 from iOffer:

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