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Rain Song

I read Vanessa's excellent Star Fleet fan-fiction prequel; Rise of the Alliance and that got me writing a side-story to X-Bomber.
The story has been expanded with its seventh chapter and I'm working on the eighth.

Download Chapters 1-7
Microsoft Word .docx Office Open XML format document

Story in X-Bomber the Game

Star Fleet Media Cover

I thought for a long time how to expand on what the game shows you.
In the fullness of time, I'll build the narrative into the game in the way that the classic DOS game; Zone 66 did.
I always found that to be an effective way of working the story into the game, rather than creating cutscenes on the limited budget of most games of that time, that wouldn't have really done the story justice.

I wondered for quite a while what would be the best format for cut-scenes in X-Bomber the Game; whether it would be best to sketch the characters, ships etc. then edit them in Photoshop and lastly manipulate them in the game's runtime.
Somehow, I could never picture that working very well.
It probably would have clashed with the style of the in-game graphics.

So, what I have in-mind now is a shoot-em-up with a lot of heavily-illustrated narrative between missions.

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